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Welcome to a unique business where your own success is measured through helping others succeed. 

In 2004 I began a journey that has become my family's strength and joy. I am now a leader within a world-class network marketing company called USANA Health Sciences. Whatever circumstances attracted you to this opportunity, one thing is certain- there are many other people just like you. I invite you to share this journey as I guide you personally through steps to success.

In the last 10 years the number of home-based businesses has increased 20 times to over 30 million operations. USANA is attracting people from all walks of life and in international markets across the globe who have been able to build USANA businesses that generate great earning potential. Whether you want to earn a part- or full-time income, USANA is a vehicle that can help make that desire a reality. Watch the following video for a glimpse of USANA's greatness:

Robin Thomas
Silver Director
Associate #2447891
Chapel Hill, NC


"Robin is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge on the subjects of nutrition and wellness. You would do well to partner with her and benefit from her expertise." Pete Zdanis

"Robin is a dedicated mentor to the associates she trains as well as being a true team player. She is detail-oriented and works to ensure that no one gets left behind. I am blessed to work with her!"
Sandra Lee Wilson


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USANA Health Assessment – Learn which USANA products are best for you. Not interested in a business but love the products? Enroll as a Preferred Customer on autoship and receive 10% off. 

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